Okami Pad

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iPad users can now maximize the potential of their smart devices for work or leisure purposes. Okami Pad has been designed to offer the best possible user experience to iPad owners with a polyfunctional 3-in-1 case & stand. With only 6mm thickness, gets you to a whole new level of productivity and fun!

The main difference you will notice between the Okami Pad and other iPad stands is that there are no mechanical parts or hinges of any kind. Our team has created a timeproof design, that won't weaken after prolonged usage.

The wide size of the base of Okami Pad is the same length as the iPad itself, a considerable advantage in terms of stability.  The aim was to make a reliable and worry-free stand. We want to solve a problem, without creating another: elevating an iPad from your desk, without the stress of having it fall.

The elevation of the screen with Okami™ reaches a remarkable 8.5
cm / 3.3 inch. This is about 4x the elevation you get with Apple's Magic Keyboard.

With only 6 mm of thickness added when folded, the benefits that Okami Pad brings are inversely proportional to its dimensions. iPad stands are usually "another thing t carry". While Okami is hidden when folded (while providing protection) and will not take up extra space in your bag.

Our main objective was to increase the functionality of your iPad while
keeping a quick, easy setup. After just a couple of times using Okami Pad, our team noticed that the action of unfolding and assembling became an unconscious routine. We are sure that you will enjoy the ease of the “Fold & Play”!

Please check carefully if your iPad is in the list below:

iPad Air (4th/5th generation)

iPad Pro 11" (1st/2nd/3rd/4th) generation

iPad Pro 12.9" (3rd/4th/5th/6th generation)

iPad (9th generation) 

iPad (10th generation)