OkamiPad.lite it’s composed of one hard case with magnetic disc and a foldable stand that sticks on the back of the case. 



The magnetic case it’s made of resilient polycarbonate and it comes with a powerful ring of magnets the centre, that allows the stand to be attached to the case.



OkamiPad.Lite it’s carefully designed to elevate your iPad so you can enjoy a better view of the screen while using it. 



It’s great for productivity but also made to enjoy your favorite streaming. The origami design is thought  to keep the overall structure stable and reliable when is mounted, and disappear when not in use.



Finally OkamiPad.lite can be used in portrait mode! Indeed we wanted to offer you a new feature that many of you requested and that wasn't available in his predecessor, OkamiPad.


The design of the OkamiPad.lite it’s for those who wants a product that offers flexibility while remaining low-key. 


OkamiPad.lite is available for all the new iPad models: the iPad mini, the  iPad pro 11" and Pro 12.9", the iPad Air and the new more affordable iPad 10th gen.



Each OkamiPad.lite includes two items: one magnetic foldable stand and one case with magnetic ring.