Okami Slide will bring your favourite gaming console literally to a new level, with 15 cm of elevation, you can now experience each game under a new light.

Prolonged play with the Nintendo Switch can make sore your wrists and your neck due to its weight, with Okami Slide you can now ensure a good posture while easing the heaviness and ensuring a better visual for your eyes.

The whole structure took months to develop so it will take you only a few seconds to assemble. Just slide out the Joycon, and slide in your Okami Slide. A small effort for a drastic improvement in your gaming setup.
We developed the Okami slide to be as compact and foldable as it can get, keeping the lowest volume possible when closed, while standing tall when assembled. No gimmicks. It will really add value to your game experience.

The whole stand can fit right into your favourite Nintendo Switch case, with only 9 mm of thickness. The Slide's shape is carefully made to meet the console's volume when folded. A broad and long base ensures rock stability so you can use it safely and in any situation.
The design is thought to keep the centre of gravity balanced and the console stays guarded and away from imbalances, while the sliders are designed to maintain your console in place, while the lower wings support it.

The guts of the Okami slide are made out of a light-but-strong fibreglass board, with 24 magnets encapsulated within. We choose an anti-slip material with a rubbery finish and pattern to enhance the grip of the structure.

Okami Slide is set to be your console’s best companion: we wanted to create a "gamers must have" item and to become so, we had to make lots of prototypes and each time tiny improvements. little by little we arrived at the final product and you will get the latest step of this evolution.